We've Never Felt Normal

Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel talk about strangeness, loneliness, sadness, friends at work and the new album ‘Humanoid’.

A diamond record from France, the price for best newcomer at the MTV VMA’s in NY and 4 prices at the MTV Latin Music Awards in Mexico. The success story of Tokio Hotel abroad in the past 2 years is for a German band unheard.

At the 2nd of October Tokio Hotel’s 3rd album ‘Humanoid’ will hit the stores worldwide in 2 languages- English and German.
When the boys had their first worldwide aired performance at the EMa’s 2 years ago, the German people in the venue were whistling (as in uhm screaming boo and stuff you know?) .

International Journalists were asking why German people were boo-ing their own band?

What would you answer?

: I would have said, that in Germany people see TH different.
Because, we have started our career here at the age of 15, it’s different in other countries cause in those countries we got famous with the same music, but just a couple years later. It’s hard to say: “yes I like the music of people who are 15 years old.At the end people are always jealous at the success you have

Tom: True, success without envy doesn’t exist.

Do you think that is typical Germans?

Bill: yes, but I think, it is developing itself to the side of being happy for someone.
We already sense this tendency. It’s exciting, but the negative reactions weren’t new for us.
And to be honest, it’s always a challenge when something like this happens.
The moment I am performing and I hear people boo-ing, I see it as a drive(not sure if they mean it like this) I don’t get shy or feel bad, but I think: Ok, now I need to give a little bit more so also these people will like it.

Also, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters went to Drummer Gustav and tapped on his shoulder after the performance.

At the same evening of the EMA’s a lot people came to us and said: it was amazing.

Bill: That’s true. There are other bands who don’t know what is going on in Germany and actually like us. Jay-Z has seen our show in LA and after we went to have dinner together. Then you feel honoured.

In general the interest in you has also negative sides. Aren’t you afraid that the success you have, which you also work for, will restrain your private lives?

Tom: I think it’s already restrained enough, it can’t restrain more.

Bill: Yes that’s a subject which comes along with success. But we are always looking for more success, you always want to have more.

When was the last time that you could enjoy the freedom of not being known?

Bill: At the beginning of 2008 we were in the USA for the first time, and just went out without any bodyguard. It was really nice. But at the same time you think: “I actually want these people to know me, the band and our music”

Where can you go on vacation without being disturbed now?

Bill: Probably Australia. We haven’t been there.

Tom: Meanwhile we have received reactions from several countries. Even Japan and Australia while we haven’t released anything there.

The name of the new album is “humanoid”. Are you living a humanoids, manlike live? (I am not sure about the word “menschenähnlich”.)

Tom: We grew up in the lowest province. We have never felt really normal, always felt manlike. Nowadays there aren’t any places where we really feel trusted and relaxed. We only have that feeling at home. And we are probably just 20 days of the year at home.
We actually feel foreign/odd ,wherever we go.

A bit sad right?

Bill: yeah sometimes.

Tom: we are used to it now. as said, it’s a feeling that ahs always been there in our careers.

Your producer David Jost described you, Bill, as an obscure, melancholic person of the band. Did lonely nights at the hotel room had any effect in this?

: They reinforced it! But I think I have always been like that, right? (looks at his brother)

Tom: Yes definitely.

I don’t want to talk nice all the time either. It was already good to see what kind of private life we have, what can happen. you have to think out then, if it’s worth it and it was for me and it will be like that. Cause I still have moments when I am in the studio and I think “damn, I am a singer. that’s my job and earn money with this. I don’t have a job which I have to do that I don’t like.” A lot can’t think like that, I am very lucky.

Didn’t you have a fear about that life sometimes can have weird effects on you just like with other stars?

Bill: When I see some celebrity has problems or is depressed, I can imagine that as an outsider. I am really happy I have Tom. I always have some family member with me. And we are together as a band for almost 10 years now and know each other really good.
It’s harder for Michael Jackson, Britney Spears or other solo artists.

How big are the chances that you meet the woman of your dreams in a supermarket?

Bill: You can hope. I always say: That’s actually the only reason people are waking up in the morning. People want to be loved, and want to find his/her love. Cause, nothing makes sense then. We have our family and friends who become very important for us. But of course I hope ill fall in love but I also think at the same time, it’s the unrealistic part what can happen in my life. The last 5 years when it all started with Tokio Hotel, I didn’t have a relationship, or anything like that. But I hope for the big coincidence.

Tom: basically we have to say that we actually don’t even go out the door.

Couldn’t you manage to get any contact with Hollywood stars, cause you were in LA to record for the album.

Tom: It doesn’t matter about phone numbers cause I have a lot in my phone. I can’t call all the woman I have in my phone at one day.

Bill: The problem is you don’t get to learn the people that good. Everything is shallow and it goes by fast! People think you hang out together a lot at events. but its not like that.
Everyone has their own plan. When the camera’s are off, you go back to your wardrobe and have your own time.

Tom: Maybe you exchange numbers but not more. Bill doesn’t even like that. And with me it’s always just for one night. And even if you want to handle it seriously you don’t have the possibility. I am one night here and the next day I am somewhere else.

Bill: I need a girl, that can give up her life and is able to live a life with me.

But then she isn’t that interesting or?

: doesn’t have to, of course she needs to have her own personality but also be able to join the craziness that I have everyday. I think it’s hard with every love.

Tom: It has to be talked out correctly, it’s hard to do something like this to someone who doesn’t even know this life.

Androgynous pop stars are liked by young girls just because they can’t harm them.
Are you harmless Bill?

I don’t know but it’s possible. But at the same time people say, that woman like bastards/badboys (literally assholes) And when I look at Tom I cab see it’s working.

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