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Beatels, Take That, Back Street Boys and Tokio Hotel. Maybe not an unfair comparison if you count the fan hysteria surrounding the German band? Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing arrived to the worshiping fans on Tuesday and Star Loge was,natural, there and took the pulse on the mega-hot band.

"Hi, we are Tokio Hotel and you look at starloge" ­
The new album is called Humanoid and the first single Automatic, and it is a partially new sound that they explored this time.

Bill: It has a bit more electronic sound than our previous records. We spiced it with a bit electronic music. We thought, 'We dont want to hav just guitar, bass and drums.We really wanted to try something new. "
A lot has happen since the last album" scream "with the monster hit Monsoon, was released in 2007, and Bill admits he never could have imagined that they could reach this far.
Bill: None of us could have imagined this. It was totally unexpected and we have our fans to thank for everything.

Tom, This was a dream, but it seemed so un reachable
Bill: I do not think that you can dream so detailed.

There is no doubt that Bill and Co. are popular among the opposite sex.
But what turns them on, and what doesent?

Bill: I always look at the hands and eyes. I need to feel that I can see straight into her soul the first time I see her. I get turned on by spontaneity as well.
Tom; I feel the same way, I like women who are open

Georg; body hair ...
Tom; body hair in the wrong place are turn offs. Yes, and panties, giant-sized panties. It is not at all sexy.
Gustav: Yes, I agree.

No, the giant underwear and body hair can be eliminated, but the tattoos are something that the Tokio Hotel guys like.

Bill, I was first, Gustav has imitated me. He has three now.
Bill: Who was the first to get a star? I! Watch this!
Gustav: but it's a shooting star!
Bill: Yes, it is a bit different.
Tom: I have a number of piercings in my genitals.
George: I am completely free from paint and metal.
Bill: wow.
George: a natural beauty.
Tom; tattoos are painful, but I just got my fifth ring in my penis. Where we can talk pain.
George: He does it to make it bigger. It is a bit small.
Tom: Right! I got it to grow from 25 cm to 45!
Bill; Cut!

Yes, Bill, perhaps it is just as well to cut there. We thank the talkative band for this time and look forward to the new disc Humanoid to be released in October.

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