"I finally got to meet Tokio Hotel" by Kenza

Me and the boys at their hotel, after the interview! I am still in shock, it doesn’t feel like it really happened.
When the boys entered the room I was met with warm smiles and then we shook hands. Then we sat down and while the cameramen fixed soem stuff, we all just sat and stared at each other, haha! I told Bill that I am a big fan and very nervous and he calmed me down with his beautiful smile - “aaww, it’s okey”
After that the awkward silence continued. I tried to break the ice with small talk but for the most part we wwere jsut sitting and looking curiously at eachother. It was like nobody else were there, I was lost. Then Tom broke the ice by saying “Skiiit.. skiit skiit, tack tack. skiit” (=shit, shit, shit, thanks, thanks, shit) which is the only swedish words they know into the microphones. I wanted to roll on the floor dying with laughter, but controlled my urge. I was there to work after all. .

The interview went well. It was a bit annoying with the translator and that I didn’t get to ask all my questions. When they sat there and looked into my eyes answering in german (before the translator translated), I promise you, I thought I would drown in their beautiful eyes.

After the interview we took a picture (I almost died when the twins put their arms around me, I held my arm around Bill) and then we thanked each other for the interview. I even had time to say “See you at the M&G tonight” and Tom asked me if I was going to be there, yes I said and he said something along with “oooh okey! see you!”

So unbelievably charming boys. I am so happy!!!

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