- Bill & Tom Kaulitz Laugh About Themselves 22.09.2009

T. On top of that I saw a picture of them. And there was that singer. The singer...

B: The singer is a complete no-go.

T: SO gay!

B: Like a girl!

T: I mean he had strands in his face with his last hair style. And make up and everything.

B: And then his palm tree hair!

T: He already looked like a girl. Completely like a woman. And now you need
to invent a new word for that, I think.

B: Fag.

T: Fag. Embarrassing. Woman. Something in between. Cant even define it, anymore. Pathetic.

B: And that weird little nut.

T: Yeah, he's just the greatest! Definitely never fucked anyone! And if he has, maybe one or two 16 year olds. Tops. And he keeps talking about women, about being a womanizer.

B: And the other two, who never get to say anything anyway...

T: Gregor and Günther or something. They look like idiots on that picture.

B: If I'd have had the bottle, I'd have had a few more.

T: Self-overestimating morons.

T: I never liked that girl band. But they get worse every day. They outdo themselves.

B: Ugly.

T: Totally ugly. And they are so overestimated. They can't do a singe thing and got millions for it!

B: They're really filling up their wallets. And they're not doing anything for it! They're just driving around with their big ass cars! Two bg fat red Ferraris.

B: And the other idiot. What's his name? Tom and his fag of a brother. They are so antisocial.

T: And now they have a "cool" new look.

B: Cool. They look even cooler than before. And he just looks like a fag.

T: Damn fag. You really need it...

B: It used to be somewhat okay. Now he just sucks.

T: And in other countries.

B: Yeah. In other countries. You're sooo cool. All "international", just shut the fuck up, already. Suckers.

T: And there you have it, again. Money changes people. The moment you have some cash, you change.

B: And the way they make themselves out!

T: And what tops is that they don't have a stylist. They should get one, stat. The way they're running around, that's just...

B: Embarrassing.

T: Just imagine people waling around like that on the streets.

B: Bill. Now him I'd like to wipe him off the face of the planet, for real!

T: I'd like to spit at him. For his ugly mutt face.

B: Yeah.

T: And with make-up. As a guy. Completely painted over. Ridiculous.

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