RTL 28-08-09

Bill: I desperately want to fall in love, and I have ever since this whole thing with Tokio Hotel started. It’s just really unrealistic with the life we’re currently living; only Georg got really lucky, and I am a bit jealous of that, I have to say.
Bill: Three of us are still single, only Georg is in love!Georg: I am taken, have been for a little over half a year.Bill: You don’t say.Georg: Yes.Tom: Sad, it’s extremely sad.Georg: Well, of course you’re jealous of that a bit…Tom: A whole world crumbled for me, I’d been really in love with Georg.
Gustav: It all healed just fine, everything is okay.(But Gustav wants to continue partying with out bodyguards.Gustav: I am not going to change anything, I will go out on my own.Bill: Those decisions, we all have to make for ourselves. Tom and I don’t do that, for example. I wouldn’t go out without a bodyguard.
Speaker: No bodyguards needed in Cologne. There was only pure Tokio Hotel with no incidents at all.


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