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But another thing is new: in “BRAVO” Tokio Hotel Bassist Georg revealed, the first time, that he has a Girlfriend and that he’s in a relationship with her since 6 months!

Why didn’t we know about this? Georg explains it in the Interview with I LOVE RADIO.

Georg, did you want to keep your Girlfriend a secret?

: “Yes, I have a new Girlfriend. But I haven’t kept it a secret in the past six months, we simply had no Interviews and nobody asked me!”

Bill: “We never try to keep it a secret. I think that when one of us has a Girlfriend, then it’s the most normal thing in the world. I think it’s totally embarrassing when Boygroups try to keep it a secret, just to make Girls buy their CDs. It’s ridiculous. So we actually say it, when we have a Girlfriend. Actually, I find it rather sad that only one of us has one. But that’s how it is!”
How and where could you ever meet a potential Girlfriend?

Bill: “Tom and I aren’t going out to Clubs in our Private Life. We always work a lot, that’s why it doesn’t really work out – we’re usually at After Show Partys, even there we aren’t those who go to every Party. Actually going into the Cinema in private or just normally go out – it doesn’t work.”

Georg: “Gustav and I can still move around in Magdeburg relatively free. Sometimes it works. That’s where I met my Girlfriend.”

Bill: “You miss it, that’s a fact. That’s one of the bad things when you’re famous. We can’t spontaneously say: Okay, now I’m going out with a Friend or now I’m gonna meet my Friends to eat some ice-cream, or drink some Coffee, or spontaneously go into a Club in the evening.
So, everything that we do is always perfectly planned and you’re never alone. You always have somebody with you – yes, that’s not very nice.
But I have to say, that there are also those Moments, when we’re standing on the stage and thousands of Fans are listening to our Music – this is definitely making up for everything.”

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